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GRP Fabrication Equipment

  • FRP Chop Systems
  • FRP Gel Coat Systems
  • Fibreglass Cutters
  • Resin Transfer Moulding Systems
  • RS Chop Guns
  • RS Gel Coat Guns

Solvent Recovery & Cleaning

  • Full IRAC Range
  • Spray Gun Washers
  • Component Washers
  • Can Washers
  • Can Crushers
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Mould Release Agents

Choosing the right mould release agent is vital to the success of the end product and CT Composites offers a full range of Marbocote mould release agents. Our specialists can help you choose; tell us about your set up and your production processes and we’ll tell you which is the most appropriate mould release agent for you to use.

CT Composites is the UK distributor of Marbocote products to the GRP industry. Properly selected, these products combine excellence in performance with good value and overall economy.

Our most popular product is Marbocote Spraycote. This liquid semi-permanent release agent can be applied by spray direct to a mould. Marbocote Spraycote gives you:

Semi-Permanent Mould Release Agent Products

CT Composites are official distributors of the following manufacturers...

Proportioners and guns
for gel coat and chop applications
High tech semi-permanent
mould release agents
Systems for the use and
recovery of solvents