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GRP Fabrication Equipment

  • FRP Chop Systems
  • FRP Gel Coat Systems
  • Fibreglass Cutters
  • Resin Transfer Moulding Systems
  • RS Chop Guns
  • RS Gel Coat Guns

Solvent Recovery & Cleaning

  • Full IRAC Range
  • Spray Gun Washers
  • Component Washers
  • Can Washers
  • Can Crushers
The original and still the best
leading distributor of Machinery, spares & service to the fiberglass industry since 1971

Servicing & Spares

Peace of mind with a range of comprehensive fixed-price service packages and expert staff on hand when choosing spares.

Service Options

We offer a range of flexible comprehensive fixed-price service packages for all GRP production systems and equipment. You choose the support options you need and CT Composites will arrange a service option to suit you. As a service customer you will benefit from our extensive experience of GRP production processes and systems; we examine, service & test all equipment in accordance with the manufactures recommendations.

If you breakdown, we minimise your loss of productivity by getting your system back into full production in the shortest possible time. And because our service options are fixed-price, you always know exactly how much you’ll pay – there are NO hidden extras or add-ons.

From only £395 per machine per visit; our skilled technicians service the key elements of each machine, including:

  • Spray gun
  • Resin pump power head & wet end
  • Resin accumulator & filter
  • Catalyst pump, accumulator & feed system
  • Hoses for resin, catalyst, air & flush (inspect & report)
  • Full machine test and warranty for 30 days

CT Composites repair and servicing of your GRP production systems and equipment is also available on a call out basis.

Spare Parts & Identification

CT Composites is one of the UK’s largest stockists of Graco, MVP and IRAC spares. Order before 2pm and, in most cases, we will deliver the next day.

Need to find a spare? Call our spares hotline on 01483 810245 Can’t find the part number? Give us a basic description of the item you’re after; our technical people will help you to identify exactly the parts you need and give you some pointers for replacing it.

Service Exchange

For mission critical production equipment, a service exchange unit provides the quickest method of backing up your GRP fabrication equipment, and is often less expensive than repair. All of our service exchange units are fully tested and guaranteed for performance. Service exchange units eliminate the cost and time delays associated with stripping down any failed equipment, diagnosing the faulty part that has caused your breakdown, waiting for the spare to arrive and then re-assembling the equipment.

Service exchange contracts with CT Composites are far more cost effective and they can get you back on-line much more quickly.

Call us on 01483 810245 and tell us what kind of service exchange you’re looking for; we’re ready to help.

CT Composites are official distributors of the following manufacturers...

Proportioners and guns
for gel coat and chop applications
High tech semi-permanent
mould release agents
Systems for the use and
recovery of solvents